Hot Topic -School Violence, maybe something not yet explored?

In my eyes, school violence, and frankly other violence, has increased over the last 19 years. It might be because one tragedy drew my eyes there nearly 19 years ago but as I reflect on life at this stage in my life one thought came to mind today – what happened to the days we could go watch our local high basketball or football team or any other high school event for free. Might there be a connection to the increase in violence and the increase of school costs?

I’d like to put out there what if we went back to letting these be free events. Couldn’t these school events bring the community together? Wouldn’t it be nice if kids could spend their only $7 on food at the game rather than whatever else they might be spending it on (smokes come to mind but it has been nearly 19 year since my high school graduation, I am afraid of what that might be today)? Wouldn’t it be nice to know our kids are in a safe known place rather than causing havoc on the streets or on-line. As I brought this up to my husband he pointed out that AOL messenger began in the late 90’s shortly before the event that opened my eyes to school violence. After researching AOL launched in May of 1997 and my eye-opening event happened in April of 1999. Might there be a connection to kids wanting to hang out online with so-called friends behind screens instead of hanging out in bleacher seats wearing team colors?

We are at a time where some are blaming the violence on health care system issues, others blaming access to weapons, others want to ask where is God in all this. All are fair conversations to be had, but I’d like to spark the thought around creating our schools as true neighborhood hubs where the local Target is just as dead during a high school game as it is the Denver Broncos game. Where neighborhood schools are fueled by those who lived in the neighborhood. What would happen If you are not thrilled with the school your home feeds into, you get involved instead of run away. I just wonder if we poured more into our schools might we see a decrease in violence? I’d love to see more students and families feel like they can go to the local game without having to pay, these are not professional athletes yet, they are children of our community.

Just a thought…

I am open to your thoughts on this- but please know this topic is very close to home and must be treated with respect!

M&M’s and Marriage

This bag of M&M’s says a lot..



I got these personalized M&M’s as a very first Valentine’s day gift from my now husband in 2007. He gave me four bags of them that say Apryl Baby Love You.  Pink – my favorite color. So thoughtful to give the one you are dating chocolate, in her favorite color professing your love for her. It was more perfect than he ever imagined.  I opened one and put them in a dish and used them as decoration in our home for years until we sold it and moved.  One bag we opened and enjoyed with a bottle of wine. I saved two bags , unopened, until said move where I went ahead and throw one bag a way. (We move in 2013) Yet I saved this one. These M&M’s are 11 years old now and I am still saving them!

First of all when your name is spelled with a y instead of an i – you NEVER get anything with your name on it when your friends and family did as a kid. That is why these meant so much to me. No pens, no placemats, no bags, NOTHING! If I ever had anything personalized it was handmade. I did have a few hair barrettes my Mother made and I was so thankful for that, but nothing store bought. To me this was a real treasure to have my name spelled correctly on something. My husband had no idea what a wonderful gift this was. However, he is so irritated that I didn’t eat them and I have never gotten anything with my name on it since.  His name is Jason, he doesn’t understand. If you could hear me speak of these M&M’s you’d hear my voice crack trying to hold back the tears… the love for my husband can do that but so can having my name spelled correctly on something.I am a bit obsessed about this now for my children. Any time we see one of those displays that have names on the product I search for the names of my children (an me too). So my kids get things they have no need for if I am lucky enough to find their name on something. Another thing that drive my husband crazy, good thing he loves me.


As I pulled these M&M’s out of the cupboard this Valentine’s Day (2018) , (My husband was shocked I have them still he thought I threw all bags away in our move years ago) I noticed they are looking 11 years old. They have cracks, chunks of the pink shell have fallen off, and the pink is a tad bit faded. But they are still in the original package. The words Love You Apryl Baby have not faded. This brings me to reflect how these M&M’s are a beautiful representation of marriage:

We are constantly learning about our spouse, what means the most to them and why. Even if it is a little crazy. In a Marriage we get some cracks over time, yet we are still held together in our original packaging of when we fell in love.

My husband and I have been in each others lives now for nearly 12 years and almost married for 9.  The things we have gone through may have cracked us but did not break us. We may have changed but our love has not faded!

So Blogging huh?

So blogging huh?

Sometimes one tries things out, reflects and refines and tries again. Sometimes this happens countless times. Blogging is exactly that, for me. Each time – I’ve grown! Here I am again with lots of learning and a new vision, passion and purpose.

My vision, passion and purpose of The Fruitful Journey is to document my journey so that I am able encourage and grow others by sharing my stories.

Fruitful: “producing good or helpful results; productive”

I am passionate about my Faith and what God has done and is doing in my life.

My Family is extremely important to me, I love being a wife, mother and all the other roles I have yet it isn’t easy to have so many roles.

In my Professional world, I am an educator of our future leaders and love growing other educators while being a life long learner myself.

By blogging my journey I hope to be fruitful in Faith, Family and the Professional world.  Here is to my commitment to stick with it, this time!  Please join me on this journey- subscribe, like, comment and help me keep going!