So Blogging huh?

So blogging huh?

Sometimes one tries things out, reflects and refines and tries again. Sometimes this happens countless times. Blogging is exactly that, for me. Each time – I’ve grown! Here I am again with lots of learning and a new vision, passion and purpose.

My vision, passion and purpose of The Fruitful Journey is to document my journey so that I am able encourage and grow others by sharing my stories.

Fruitful: “producing good or helpful results; productive”

I am passionate about my Faith and what God has done and is doing in my life.

My Family is extremely important to me, I love being a wife, mother and all the other roles I have yet it isn’t easy to have so many roles.

In my Professional world, I am an educator of our future leaders and love growing other educators while being a life long learner myself.

By blogging my journey I hope to be fruitful in Faith, Family and the Professional world.  Here is to my commitment to stick with it, this time!  Please join me on this journey- subscribe, like, comment and help me keep going!



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The Fruitful Journey

I am a follower of Christ, wife to an amazing husband for nearly 9 years, Mom of 2 energetic children, educator of littles and bigs passionate to grow others.

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